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NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory specializes in analytical testing of human metabolism, identifying nutritional influences on health maintenance and disease prevention. The laboratory operates with a strict focus on high caliber testing, personalized interpretive analysis, professional customer service, and patient-centered solutions.

NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory grew out of a need to provide detailed information about an individual's nutritional and metabolic status to:

  • patients
  • health professionals
  • and research institutes.

NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory features a selection of testing panels that includes: antioxidants, urinary organic acids, amino acids, and oxidative stress biomarkers. These test panels are performed in our state-of-the-art laboratory using standardized methods by our analytical biochemists. The accumulated data is then subject to an interpretive analysis and presented in a full-color report that contains visual representation of results, reference ranges, and highlights of high-low exceptions.

Information for Patients

NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory is the starting point for good health, whether you need to measure the effect of your existing nutritional supplementation or you have specific health conditions that need to be addressed naturally. A unique profile of your biochemical makeup will help you discover what you need to lead a longer, healthier life.

Our most popular testing package, the Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) Test, is a combination of specific panels that allows us to take a look at your body's biochemistry as well as your current hormone status. Included in the BCB test is a thirty minute consultation to review your results and discuss your health goals.

From the results of the BCB, a proactive plan of action can be developed for you. This may include a customized vitamin and mineral formula to balance your body chemistry and recommendations for bio-identical hormones that are tailored to improve your individual symptoms of hormone imbalance.

How to Get Started:

All BCB tests and consultation appointments are booked through our Biomedical Clinic. Please call 613-721-3669 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more.

Information for Health Professionals and Research Institutes

Health Professionals

In addition to the BCB test, all of our testing panels can be ordered on an individual basis or packaged together as you require for your practice. Please see the Testing Panel Section of this website for detailed information on testing for antioxidants, urinary organic acids, amino acids, and oxidative stress biomarkers.

How to Get Started

The first part of the testing process is to have test kits sent to you. Each kit includes all necessary tubes for blood and urine collection, a laboratory requisition form, a health survey for your patient to complete, a special FedEx envelope for returning the kit to NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory, and easy-to-read instructions to ensure that the testing experience with us is as simple as possible.

Laboratory reports will be sent directly to you and are intended to help your patients move forward with their personal health goals. Our Laboratory Manager can assist you with interpretation of the report and with formulating a custom vitamin supplement.

To find out more about how our laboratory can help you and your patients, or to enquire about professional pricing, please call 613-820-6755 or toll-free 1-888-591-4124.

Research Institutes

Over 15 years ago, NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory (at the time called the International Centre for Metabolic Testing) was established with funding from the National Research Council of Canada. Through the years, we have collaborated with many organizations to provide nutritional and metabolic laboratory analyses, particularly in the areas of Down syndrome and autism. Our antioxidant panel has become more popular in recent years, as interest in this field expands.

All of our testing panels, including antioxidants, lipid peroxides, amino acids, and Citric Acid Cycle metabolites can be ordered through our lab. To enquire about how NutriChem Biomedical Laboratory can facilitate your research, please contact our Laboratory Manager at 613-820-6755 or toll-free 1-888-591-4124.

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them."
~ William Lawrence Bragg, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1915

NutriChem’s Laboratory Reports contain visual representations of results, reference ranges, and highlights of high-low exceptions. To see a sample report, Click here.

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