Spicy Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

February 19, 2016 1 Comment

Spicy Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

recipe by: Julia Davie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist



This Spicy Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding is easy-to-make, nutritious, and very delicious! Chia seeds and fish oil are both rich in omega 3 fatty acids which support cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation. Cayenne pepper adds a little bit of warmth to this nourishing pudding, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. 

To make this recipe kid-friendly, simply omit the cayenne pepper and reduce the amount of fish oil according to your child's age.






1 cup dairy-free milk (like coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc.)

¼ cup whole chia seeds

2 tsp pure maple syrup

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tsp NutraSea Omega-3 Chocolate fish oil (optional)

1 pinch cayenne pepper




  1. Place all ingredients except the fish oil and cayenne in a small glass storage container with a lid. Shake until thoroughly combined.
  1. Refrigerate overnight.
  1. Pour into a bowl, add cayenne pepper and fish oil. Stir well before eating.


Serves: 1




*Sampling for a limited time only*

  • The NutraSea Omega-3 Chocolate fish oil is on sale for the month of February 2016 (in-store and online). Get yours before prices go back up!
  • If you're the type of person who likes to "try before you buy," both NutriChem locations will be sampling this fish oil tomorrow, February 20th 2016, in-store!



Tried it and loved it? Let us know in the comments below!





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    February 22, 2016

    This could make me want to take my fish oil!

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