Suzanne Somers Talk & New Clinic Official Opening! - November 16, 2013

March 11, 2014 1 Comment

I’m Too Young For This, is Suzanne Somers new book on perimenopause, and she will be on stage at the Aviation Museum in Ottawa on Saturday, November 16th to shed light on a subject that eventually affects virtually every woman – from their 30’s on up. Ottawa’s own NutriChem, a leader in North America on women’s health issues, will once again host Somers in the Nation’s Capital as part of the grand opening celebration of their east end clinic on St. Laurent Blvd.


I’m Too Young for This, Somer’s 23rd book, tackles some of the taboo topics around perimenopause. The author and actress will share her thoughts and finding on how to thrive during the years leading up to menopause, and relish those decades, feeling sexually vibrant and happy, with a strong, fit body ... and of course, she’ll also talk about menopause itself.


“Suzanne Somers has such a positive message for women of all ages about taking control of your body to be happier and healthier, and we are delighted to host her again in Ottawa,” said Kent MacLeod, pharmacist, biochemist and owner of NutriChem. “Suzanne’s message very much is in line with our approach at NutriChem. For more than 30 years we’ve been on Richmond Road helping people from all walks of life, giving them the opportunity to live healthier lives with a personalized medicine approach. We are excited that NutriChem will now have two locations in Ottawa to serve our clients, and we are delighted that Suzanne can help us celebrate the opening of our new clinic and share her insights with women in Ottawa.”


“Having a pharmacist like Kent in Ottawa is such an edge for Ottawa women”, said Suzanne Somers. “Life after forty doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster of hormones, there is a natural, more personalized and healthy approach that women can choose”. Immediately prior to her talk to an audience of nearly 300 people at Ottawa’s Aviation Museum, Somers will cut the ribbon and officially open NutriChem’s new wellness clinic at 1185 St. Laurent Blvd, across from St. Laurent Shopping Centre.


NutriChem’s new St. Laurent clinic is a chance for Ottawa’s east end residents to have access to a personalized approach to their health. Each patient’s biochemistry is matched with a high quality custom designed nutritional formula. NutriChem’s wide client base deals with patients of all ages and with various medical issues. They return for its integrated holistic approach towards complex medical and drug issues. Their Health Canada licensed laboratory specializes in high quality vitamins that address the vitamin deficiencies that are associated with many health issues such as attention deficit disorder, Down syndrome, depression, menopause and cancer.


“As a compounding pharmacy and with tools such as our leading edge body chemistry balancing test, we provide people with a personalized approach – everyone is unique, all bodies function differently and your healthcare solutions shouldn’t be a one size fits all.” added Dominika Zarzekny, Naturopath doctor at NutriChem’s St-Laurent Blvd. clinic.


NutriChem’s east end location is currently opened to the public at 1185 St. Laurent but the grand opening will take place on November 16th with Somers in attendance.

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Jeannine Lamadeleine
Jeannine Lamadeleine

June 29, 2014


Contente de savoir pour la location St-Laurent.J ai parcouru votre site et j ai lu le livre de Suzanne Somers, et il semble que les soins sont pour les femmes 40-50 ans. J ai 70 ans fait de l insomnie, fibrillation auriculaire et médicamentée a cet effet.Serai-ce possible de vs consulter & combien Merci. Jeannine Lamadeleine

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