Bloated? How does apple cider vinegar help?

April 04, 2019

Bloated? How does apple cider vinegar help?

Do you experience bloating, gas, or burping after meals?? Do you need to unbuckle your jeans after eating to make space for your rapidly expanding waistline? Do you feel uncomfortably and embarrassingly distended after lunch? You may benefit from drinking apple cider vinegar!


Right now you are probably thinking “Gross!” or “Are you Kidding Me?!” While the initial thought of knocking back a glass of watered down vinegar may sound disgusting, the digestive benefits of sipping ACV may change your mind!

How does apple cider vinegar help? One of the biggest reasons for bloating is a lack of Hydrochloric Acid, or stomach acid. Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) is an extremely strong acid that is released into the stomach during digestion to break down plant foods and trigger the release of the enzyme pepsin which breaks down protein. Unfortunately, as we age, HCl begins to decline. There are many other factors that may also contribute to low stomach acid such as stress, not chewing properly, chronic overeating and an imbalanced diet.

When our bodies do not produce adequate HCl food sits in the stomach for longer than it is suppose to and begins to ferment. This fermentation releases gasses that contribute to bloating. It may also contribute to gas, bloating, heart burn, and feeling full and heavy for a long time after eating.

ACV to the rescue! When we drink apple cider vinegar before or with meals it increases stomach acidity and supports the digestive process thereby reducing bloating and digestive discomfort.

Give it a try! Be sure to purchase raw, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. I love Braggs. Begin with 1 tsp. in ¼ to ½ cup of room temperature water. If needed, as you get use to the flavour you can increase the amount of vinegar up to 1 tbsp. Drink it 20 to 30 minutes before main meals.

Not a fan of the taste? Disguise it with a splash of apple juice or a squeeze of lemon. Still not loving it? Plug your nose and knock it back!

Of course, this is only one potential cause of bloating and one way to combat it. All bodies are unique and require an individualized approach to nutritional support. If you regularly experience bloating and / or other digestive difficulties reach out to your local nutritionist. Nutritionists use protocols and meal plans that are specific to the individual.


Written by Julia Davie, NutriChem Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Doula

Julia is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Julia’s services emphasize the importance of whole, live and natural foods. Striving to make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable, she believes that food can be both nutritious and delicious! As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, she understands the unique needs of each client and works with them to develop and implement a healthy eating plan individualized to their needs.

Julia strives to empower her clients through education, inspire them to make better food choices, and live healthier and more vibrant lives.

Julia’s special interests include digestive support, weight loss, skin health, blood sugar support, fertility nutrition, prenatal, postnatal and pediatric nutrition.

Learn more about Julia!

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