Staycation Essentials for Summer 2020

July 06, 2020

Staycation Essentials for Summer 2020

Written by NutriChem Resident Mom: Kate Pollon-MacLeod


This summer's going to look a lot different than the past summer plans. So when life gives you COVID-19 lemons you can still make lemonade! Here are some of my favorite summer essentials for all those big trips to the back yard, local beach day, and patio hangouts. 





With the kids being off since March and summer arriving in May my kids have been living outside and with the multiple heatwaves it has been key to make sure their skin and yours is protected. A favorite in our household for babies, kids and adults is the ThinkSport Sunscreen line. A sunscreen that ingredients are safe for everyone and the environment. 


Bugs Be Gone!




All the biting bugs have come out full force this summer it seems. So make sure you have a DEET free bug repellant option for your family and there are even some for your dog! And equally important is making sure you have a bug bite gel to relieve itching, pain and swelling of an annoying bug bite. I have used DAPIS Gel from when I was a kid and is a summer staycation essential for sure.  


Summer Drinks!



Whether visiting friends at a social distant backyard patio, or for a beach day; a summer drink (and one that is not loaded with sugar is a must!) The Botanica Lion’s Mane Iced Tea and Tumeric Lemonade. Super refreshing and very easy to make!


Muscle cramping relief!




I have been more active so far this summer than I have been in the last three summers! Between running, biking, swimming, family walks and more it has been really great but with that has come more sore muscles and cramping. Magnesium glycinate can help with muscle cramping and applying a topical gel after a big bike ride of Muscle Mag is a great way to help with the recovery of all the summer activites. 



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