Body Chemistry Balancing Test
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Body Chemistry Balancing Test

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    The BCB test is the assessment of a patient's biochemical status to identify the root cause of common health problems. The test results provide targeted treatment, reducing unnecessary medication or supplements. The goal of our BCB Test is to optimize health by addressing the needs of each of our patients on an individual basis, in a respectful and compassionate environment.

    Step 1: Evaluation of over 50 biochemical markers Blood work: Hemoglobin, ferritin (iron), vitamin B12, vitamin D, TSH, hormone panel, lipid panel Organic Acids: By-products of energy and hormone metabolism and intermediates of crucial metabolic cycles Antioxidants: Protection against free radicals. Vitamins A and E, carotenes, lycopene and CoQ10.

    Step 2: Clinical Consultation A comprehensive health assessment conducted by one of our clinicians that considers your lifestyle, diet, exercise, toxins and medications.

    Step 3: Your Customized Treatment Plan Includes your custom vitamin-mineral formula, and dietary, supplement or lifestyle recommendations Result: Your Personalized Health Solution A health program tailored to your biochemical needs.