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    MARKOFRUCT contains oligofructose. It is a prebiotic product, which supports the healthy balance of the gut flora, has a positive effect on metabolism and enhances the body's natural defences. It improves the microbial ecology of the gut and protects against some bacterial pathogens, particularly in the large intestine. Oligofructose selectively stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and also has actions and benefits similar to dietary fibre.
    The chamomile bloom soothes the gastrointestinal tract and gives MARKOFRUCT a pleasant taste. MARKOFRUCT does not contain lactose. Therefore it can be used by people who are lactose intolerant.

    NPN 80018709

  • Medicinal Ingredients:
    1 teaspoon (3 g) contains: Inulin 2.80 g, dry extract (6.1-7.2:1) of 0.04 g Chamomile - Matricaria recutita (L.) (flower).

    Non-medicinal ingredients: Maltodextrin.

  • Adults: 3 teaspoons, twice a day. Dissolve MARKOFRUCT in 200 mL of hot water and drink slowly while still warm before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed.

    Caution: Contraindicated in those who are hypersensitive to chamomile. Do not use if you are allergic to plants of the daisy family. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Hypersensitivity (e.g. allergy) has been known to occur, in which case, discontinue use. Higher doses may cause gastrointestinal symptoms: flatus, borborygmi, bloating, cramps and diarrhea. Please consult with health care practitioner if you experience any side effects. Do not use beyond the expiration date indicated on the carton. Store away from children. Please keep container closed and store in a dry place. Fold the bag twice and close it with the enclosed clip after opening.