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    Molybdenum is a component of three different enzymes, which are involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids and several important interactions that lead to detoxification of the liver. Molybdenum assists in the breaking down of sulfite toxin buildups in the body and may prevent cavities. With these qualities, there might be evidence of antioxidant properties in this nutrient. It assists the body by fighting the nitrosamines, which are associated with cancer, and may help to prevent anemia. It is needed for normal cell function and nitrogen metabolism. Impotence in older males has been linked to molybdenum deficiencies. Molybdenum may be of value in fighting mouth and gum disorders. As mentioned, molybdenum is part of the enzyme sulfite oxidase, which breaks down sulfites; sulfites are found in protein food as well as in chemical preservatives in certain foods and drugs. Should your body not be able to break down these sulfites, a toxic buildup results, and your body may react with allergic reactions; these allergic reactions usually represent respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.

    Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains:

    Molybdenum (from molybdenum HVP chelate) 150 mcg


    Non-medicinal ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose in a non-GMO vegetable capsule composed of vegetable carbohydrate gum and purified water.

    Adults: Take 1-4 capsules daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

    Preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, sugar, dairy, starch, wheat gluten, corn, soy, or yeast. This product is non-GMO.