B12 & Folic Acid Sublingual Drops

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    The use of sublingual B12 and B12 with folic acid is a convenient adjunct to intramuscular treatment. The sublingual drops are pleasant tasting and quickly absorbed through the mucous membrane under the tongue, assuring maximum uptake of the vitamin.
    Vitamin B12's primary functions are in the formation of red blood cells and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

  • Medicinal Ingredients: each drop contains:

    Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

    250 mcg

    Folic Acid (Folate)

    400 mcg

    Non-medicinal ingredients: Glycerin, Purified Water.

  • Adults: Take one to five drops daily under the tongue or as recommended.

    Possible Interactions: Large amounts of Vitamin C can destroy Vitamin B12 and should not be taken within one hour of oral Vitamin B12. Pharmaceutical drugs that may cause a depletion of vitamin B12 include oral contraceptives, phenytoin, colchicines, antibiotics, biguanides, H-2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors, time released potassium chloride medications.

  • Suitable for vegetarians.

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