The Foodie Box
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The Foodie Box

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    Treat your favourite foodie to a surprise mailed right to their door with The Foodie Box collection of local fair-trade chocolate and tasty treats! 

    How does it work? Simply make any necessary product selection(s) from the drop down menu(s), click add to cart, and at the checkout be sure to enter the lucky recipients shipping address. Don't forget to write any special note that you would like us to include on a special card, under "Note to Nutrichem" on the cart page. 

    Each Foodie Box contains each of the following items, nestled in a special holiday box:

    Organic Traditions Limited Edition Holiday Lattes, choice of:

    • Organic Holiday Spice Latte - This latte will give you a little bit of holiday cheer all season long. Wind down after a cold winter day and cozy up next to the fire with this delicious holiday blend.made with organic coconut milk powder and aromatic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.
    • Organic Red Velvet Latte  -  We've put a healthy twist on the decadent red velvet cake we all know and love and turned it into an instant superfood latte! Our instant red velvet latte combines organic cacao powder with organic beet root powder.
    • Organic Mint Chocolate Latte -  Get into the holiday spirit with Organic Traditions' limited edition Mint Chocolate Latte. We've brought together magnesium rich organic raw cacao powder with the delicious flavours of mint, vanilla and cinnamon to give you the taste of the holidays all season long. 

    Chocosol Fair Trade Chocolate, choice of:

    • Sinfully Raw Vanilla -  a rich dark chocolate mellowed with whole
      raw vanilla pods. Raw cacao nibs are sprinkled on the back to add extra cacao bite.
    • The Darkness -  Darkness is simple and beautiful. 75% dark chocolate with complex wine, nut, fruit and earth tone flavours.
    • 5 Chili Bullet -  Excite your palate with this traditional flavour combination. A blend of dried chillies is complimented with Mayan forest garden allspice, achiote and is seasoned with Zapotec sea salt. This bullet bites back!
    • Coffee Crunch -  Who doesn't love chocolate and coffee together? We certainly do, and what better way to celebrate that than adding our roasted Oaxacan coffee beans into each bite.

    Drizzle Raw Honey Mini Turmeric Gold - Drizzle is raw honey that has not been heated or filtered. This means it still contains healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that come naturally from honey.

    Botanica Hot Beverages, choice of:

    • Lavender Moon Mylk -  Lavender Moon Mylk is a soothing tea latte made from a whole food blend of ashwagandha, coconut, dates, lavender tea, and tart cherry. Made in small batches and free from any fillers and artificial ingredients. 
    • Reishi Hot Chocolate -  Upgrade your afternoon or evening ritual with Botanica’s Reishi Hot Chocolate, a modern take on a traditional favourite to support a healthy stress response and relaxation. Made from a whole food blend of cocoa, dates, reishi, chocolate, and coconut.

    Chewsy Cinnamon GumRegular chewing gum is packed with chemicals such as plastic, aspartame, artificial flavours and sweeteners. Chewsy gum contains only natural ingredients, and nothing else.

    ***In the event that we run out of stock of any of the above items we will contact you to offer a similarly priced substitute product***


    See each item's individual product page for detailed description of ingredients


    Take as directed as indicated on each individual item. Please visit each individual product link for specific details on product contents, directions, and warnings.



    Dependent on each item, please visit each individual product page to see the "free of" section.