Organic Shatavari Powder
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Organic Shatavari Powder Organic Shatavari Powder

Organic Shatavari Powder

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    Shatavari Root is considered to be one of the most highly regarded rejuvenating herbal tonics for female health and well being in Traditional Ayurvedic  Medicine. Its Sanskrit name means she who possesses a hundred husbands and as such aptly describes its importance for female vitality. Shatavari combines well with Amla, Tribulus/Gokshura and Ashwagandha. According to the energetic principles of Ayurveda, Shatavari is sweet and bitter in the Rasa taste energy, cooling in action according to Virya and balancing for Vata and Pitta constitutional doshas, with a tendency to aggravate Kapha. It is considered a wonderful daily herb to support general well-being, vitality and health.

    Ingredients: organic shatavari powder

    Take 1 teaspoon as a tonic once or twice daily. For example, mix 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp in warm dairy-free milk, add honey or coconut sugar to taste. Or blend with coffee or matcha for adaptogenic benefits.


    Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts. May contain tree nuts.