Diatomaceous Earth
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Diatomaceous Earth

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    Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized deposit of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called Diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth is 89% silicon dioxide and has many uses. These plants inhabit all the waters of the earth, and serve as the basic food for aquatic life, just as grass is the basic food for land animals. Uses in humans: Absorbs all microbes larger than the 1 micron pores (many bacteria, some very large viruses, all parasitic protozoa, fungi including Candida albicans).

    Purified, ground and heat sterilized Diatomaceous Earth.

    Dosage for a Candida Purge Program: In place of 1 TBSP of Bentonite liquid, use 1 heaping TSP of Diatomaceous Earth Powder.

    As an anti-caking agent: Mix into animal feed at 2% concentration.

    Nothing added. Contains no crustacean shellfish or fish. non-GMO.