Travel Pack Essentials *LIMITED EDITION*

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    NutriChem's Travel Pack Essentials have all of NutriChem's best sellers that are must-haves for travel. 
    Carry-on size approved. Limited Edition and limited quantities available, so get yours today!
    Value of over $60.00 for just $49.99. Bon voyage!

    Each Travel Pack Contains: 

    Muscle Mag Gel 

    30g gel
    Mega Mag  30 caps
    MegaZyme Pro 30 caps
    Nutridophilus Essentials 30 caps
    Logical Choice Unflavoured Whey Protein Powder 3 servings 
    Bug Off!  60g gel
    Organic Lip Love Lip Balm 1 stick


    Take as directed as indicated on each individual item. Please visit each individual product link for specific details on product contents, directions, and warnings. 

    Dependent on each item, please visit each individual product page to see the "free of" section. 

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